Mansfield project

Nestled in the heart of busy Hollywood, the Mansfied property was a unique project to take on. The property spans over 7000 square feet  and includes two California bungalows and a guest house. 

 Our clients vision for this project was to create privacy and security for the property. To accomplish this we installed custom motorized gates for the dual driveway and a keyless entry system to enter the property.  We also installed a camera system, with twenty-four cameras to ensure coverage of the large piece of property. 

 In addition to the camera system we designed and installed three separate WIFI & Network bases to ensure fast, reliable internet for each individual space. The individual network bases allow for seamless lighting, shades, and music control across each space and we custom designed them to meet the needs of the individuals who occupy them. 

Mansfield Property Project Review:

" As a client I am beyond thrilled with the work of the Rives Projects team. My husband and I have lived here for over forty years and the neighborhood has changed. Although we are in the heart of Hollywood, with a lot of foot traffic, Jesus & his team have allowed us to feel both secure and private, almost like we are on our own private island. I can play music throughout my entire property which is nice when we entertain and also a blast for our entire family! I can also pull up camera views of my property from many different devices which makes for great convenience.  Throughout our entire project communication was fast and the project was very organized. I highly recommend him and his team, without a doubt!"

- Mansfield Homeowner


Redondo Beach Project

"Our family had a predetermined vision of what our home entertainment and electronics systems would look like before we started our remodel. The Rives Projects team ensured they understood our vision and evaluated all possible alternatives to enhance our experience in our home. The recommendations that the Rives Projects team made provided new insight and education on the solutions that would best fit our family and home. We're extremely satisfied with the work they did and couldn't be happier with their solutions."

- Redondo Beach Homeowners 

De Longpre Ave project